Strength of materials by SS Rattan 3rd edition solutions manual pdf

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دانلود حل المسائل کتاب مقاومت مصالح ویرایش سوم به نویسندگی راتان strength of materials rattan 3rd edition solutions manual
S S Rattan McGraw-Hill نویسندگان
3rd edition ویرایش
139pages صفحات
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دانلود حل المسائل کتاب مقاومت مصالح ویرایش سوم به نویسندگی راتان

strength of materials rattan 3rd edition solutions manual


نویسنده: S S Rattan

“مقاومت مصالح” به بررسی مباحث مقاومت مصالح در ساختمان‌ها می‌پردازد. ebookband در این کتاب، اصول طراحی و محاسبات سازه‌های مختلف از جمله تیرها، ستون‌ها، پیچ‌ها و دیوارهای باربر را با استفاده از مصالح مختلف، از جمله بتن، فولاد، چوب و سنگ، بررسی می‌کند. کتاب “مقاومت مصالح” یکی از کتاب‌های پرطرفدار و معتبر در حوزه‌ی مهندسی عمران و مقاومت مصالح است و برای دانشجویان، مهندسان و علاقه‌مندان به این حوزه توصیه می‌شود.

این حل المسائل 139 صفحه دارد و دارای یک مگابایت حجم میباشد. در این حل المسائل پاسخ فصل های یک تا هجده نوشته شده است. برای مشاهده روی لینک زیر کلیک نمایید.

strength of materials by ss rattan solutions

download free Solution Manual Strength of Materials 3rd Edition by S S Rattan 3rd edition McGraw-Hill pdf  An engineer always endeavors to design structural or machine members that are safe, durable and economical. To accomplish this, he has to evaluate the load-carrying capacity of the members so that they are able to withstand the various forces acting upon them. The subject Strength of Materials deals with the strength, stability and rigidity of various structural or machine members such as beams, columns, shafts, springs, cylinders, etc. These days, a number of books on this subject are available in the market. It is observed that most of the books have a few good features in them, their overall ranking drops when considered on composite parameters like coverage of a topic, lucidity of writing, variety of solved and unsolved problems, quality of diagrams, etc. For more solution manuals click here

strength of materials rattan 3rd edition solutions

Usually, the students have to supplement one book with a few others to comprehend the subject. The present book aims to provide all known good features in single book. The book aims to be useful to degree-level students of mechanical and civil engineering as well as those preparing for AMIE and various other competitive examinations. However, diploma-level students will also find the book to be of immense use. The book will stand to benefit postgraduate students to some extent as it contains some advanced topics like bending of curved bars, rotating discs and cylinders, plastic bending, circular plates, etc.

strength of materials rattan 3rd edition solutions manual

The salient features of the book are as follows: • Moderately concise and compact text covering all major topics. • Simple language aimed to benefit average and weak students. • Logical and evolutionary approach in descriptions for better imagination and visualization. • Physical concepts from simple and readily comprehensible principles. • Well-defined learning objectives based on Bloom’s Taxonomy for each chapter. • Summary at the end of each chapter. • LO and LOD tagging of the chapter content. • Difficulty level indicator for each example, problem and objective type question. • An appendix containing important relations and results. • Rich pedagogy includes o Illustrations: 542 o Solved examples: 450 o Objective type questions: 220 o Review questions: 175 o Problems: 210


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